Well hello again Friends! Wow, there are only 4 days left until Christmas! Well, that can be exciting for some people and overwhelming for others. As, we all scatter around every store, trying to find last minute gifts for family and friends or make sure we have our menu established for Christmas dinner, I would like to give a reminder to everyone just what it is all about. While, we all have different reasons to celebrate the holiday and we all may believe different things, I think we can all agree that family is one of the most important gifts of the holiday season. And, although it's fun to give and receive gifts, celebrating the season with your loved ones is priceless. So be sure that while you make your last minute preparations, you remember to breathe and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Be sure to tell them how much they are appreciated and loved. Be sure to create and share memories and laugh with one another. And if you know of anyone who may be spending the holiday alone or perhaps are unable to be with their loved ones for one reason or another that you spread and share the holiday cheer with them. Invite them over and be jolly! I am excited to be spending this holiday season with my family and this will be my first Christmas with my husband! So we will be sure to spend it together with our families close by and with love everywhere! So be sure that no matter how you are celebrating this holiday season that you spend it with those who mean the most to you.